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It is not enough

It is not enough to be open minded, to be tolerant, to be receptive to other views. It is not enough to respect other opinions. It is not enough to be comfortable with pluralist thoughts. It is not enough to understand other explanations. It is not enough to let others think what they may. It is not enough to leave thinkers of different thoughts alone.

All understanding benefits from an exchange of ideas. Society must generate these ideas. One cannot passively respect that others may have other views. One must actively seek to shape society so that other points of view actually emerge. One must keep the plains of thought fertile and level. One must struggle to see that the other side has a point, even the advantage.

That no other view is present means not that we are right — it simply means that the process is incomplete. And that, I fear, is not enough to warrant human participation in this rather magnificent cosmos.


My legs stuck up over the grass
Like the antennae of an insect
As I watched dandelion seeds
Spinning through the world’s exhale

With clouds as my stepping stones
I tip-toed through the azure pond

Only able to through my perspective