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Get out!

Physicists say that the day will come when the universe reaches its thermodynamic equilibrium. Ever since the big bang, as the universe expands, it has been cooling. Now there is evidence that the Hubble expansion is actually accelerating, due to some quintessential substance. The substance is perhaps linked to dark matter or dark energy. Albert said that the cosmological constant was his biggest mistake. Now physicists are all too eager to vindicate Big Al as if there can be no other explanation. Is the speed of light a constant? Could it be that light slows down as time goes by? What about the geometry of existence? Is geometry not the determining factor of both the macro and the micro universe? How about fractional dimensions? Ever since early humans started counting bananas, “one banana, two banana, three banana, four…” they think everything is a whole number. Numbers are for galactic pedestrians. Nature deals in concepts — as in aleph and omega.

All the same. We have a more immediate problem. It seems in at most 10^120 years or so, even the black holes will dissipate. What do we have left then? How do we escape the thermo-death, and the eventual evaporation of matter? We cannot even seem to manage a little global warming. If humans cannot stand the heat… Well, what can I say? First expelled from Eden, now from the proverbial kitchen, would you not agree?  And there I was, all along, believing that some liked it hot.

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